with Dr. Ainhoa de Federico
Discover the ClearSight Method 
The leading natural vision improvement program that dramatically improves your eyesight without glasses, contacts or surgery 
Enjoy the beauty of life.
Throw Away Your Glasses and Contacts Forever – 

Without Surgery!

Experience the independence and freedom 
to do ANYTHING without glasses or contacts
 Drive, read, use your computer, see messages on your phone, enjoy hobbies, sports and nature, shop, socialize and more... 

Learn exercises, tools and practices to immediately improve your focus and vision 

Eat Better to See Better: Optimize your diet so you can lock in your results

Release the emotions that keep you from seeing clearly.

Rewire Your Brain to see better and focus more.

Harness the Power of Light to accelerate your vision improvement and see more – and more clearly!

Set your vision improvement on autopilot as you age by installing good habits now

Allow your eyes to guide you to clarity

Here's What You Get 


6 in-depth, easy-to-follow video modules to improve your vision step-by-step with practices and exercises.

6 LIVE interactive online sessions with Dr. Ainhoa de Federico to review concepts, get 1:1 feedback, address your questions and issues and celebrate your success.

Weekly email guidance and support 

Weekly self-assessment forms to help you evaluate and track your vision improvement.

Access to a private communication group exclusively for participants of the ClearSight program.

Recorded audio relaxations to download and listen to anytime 

A library of exercises to "plug and play" in your daily vision improvement practices

Special BONUS content and in-depth masterclasses

Lifetime access to ALL the material.

 15-day FULL money back guarantee

 + PLUS Special Bonus Content to Enhance Your Course Experience

BONUS #1 Masterclass: Use your passion for reading to improve your vision

BONUS #2 FastTrack Symptom Guide: Get 35 symptom-specific exercise plans to give you the fastest, shortest and most effective shortcut to correcting your specific visual problems. Includes solutions for presbyopia, myopia, astigmatism, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, hyperopia, floaters, light sensitivity & more!

BONUS #3  Masterclass – Screen Play: Taking Care of Your Eyes in a Screen-Intensive World: Learn good habits when using screens, special techniques to protect and rest your eyes after intensive use, tricks to reduce eye fatigue  and much more, including specific exercises to  protect your vision from the harm caused by constant and long-term screen use.

Test the program for 15 days without any risk.
If you are not satisfied for any reason, just reach in and you get 100% of your money back, no hassle and no questions asked !


with Dr. Ainhoa de Federico

Director, Masters Program of Health Education & Research Professor, University of Toulouse;
Creator, Volver a ver Claro and the ClearSight Method

The ClearSight Method is the result of over 20 years of research and experience by Dr. Ainhoa de Federico, tenured professor Director of the Masters Program in Health Education at the University of Toulouse (France). She is one of the world's leading experts in natural vision education, and the creator of the leading Spanish-language natural vision program, Volver a ver Claro, now available in English!

Neither ClearSight Method nor Ainhoa de Federico perform diagnoses or prescribe treatments, lenses or operations that are reserved for the medical profession. Natural vision practices do not replace the advice of the ophthalmologist or optician, being a complementary option. The opinions and practices expressed here have shown positive results in a large number of cases, proving to be a useful and effective visual improvement option, although under no circumstances do they imply a guarantee of results. The practice and application are under the responsibility of the participants. 

This product is not a substitute for a professional medical advice. Always consult a physician for health-related issues. This product does not guarantee results. Any reference to the performance of a strategy should not be interpreted as a guarantee of results.

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