Learn simple, powerful techniques to accelerate your personal healing and experience greater happiness 

Do you suffer from have physical symptoms, illnesses or chronic conditions that you just can't seem to shake?

Have you tried traditional medical approaches without success?

Do you wonder if your symptoms are more than just physical? That they could have a deeper, emotional source? But you have no idea how to interpret these messages from your deeper self?

Would you like to learn simple & easy techniques to heal your body and experience greater joy and ease?

To discover energetic healing tools that work within minutes, and that you can use for yourself and others?

Do you want to learn and share these tools as part of a supportive healing community of people, just like you?

You are in the right place!
In the transformational new course Active Healing, you'll discover new tools and simple, effective and powerful exercises to improve both your physical health and your understanding of the relationship between your consciousness and your body, allowing you to live more joyfully –  regardless of your age, the current state of your body and your life.
Discover the Benefits of Active Healing
1. Understand the inner cause
You'll learn to see your body as the map of your consciousness, allowing  you to easily and quickly grasp the message you were missing so you get back to health quickly and live happily.
 2. Accelerate your personal healing
Beyond the acute awareness, the energy tools will enable you to accelerate the healing processes, feeling happier, more vibrant and healthier and having fun in the process.
3. Learn tools you can share
You can use the simple techniques you'll learn not just for yourself, but also with friends, family and loved ones, creating ripples of health and happiness around you.
4. Be part of a healing community
By participating in the Active Healing course you'll be part of a healing community, always ready to support you, share healing information, exchange healings and be there for you.
5. Save money
By learning Active Healing you'll significantly reduce the need for other health related approaches, giving you and your beloved ones autonomy in many health related situations.
7. Experience greater joy!
As you learn to interpret the messages behind the symptoms and to use the energy tools you'll feel ever more vibrant, alive, inspired and happy to be living the life your being wishes to experience.
YES! I want to heal with energy!

Sign up now and start learning how to heal with energy understanding your symptoms today!

Here's What You Get 

A PROVEN, step-by-step process to heal your body and free your consciousness! 
6 in-depth, easy-to-follow LIVE classes
Learn how to heal yourself and others step-by-step with simple ideas, tools, tips, practices and exercises.
Includes 18 hours of in-depth LIVE lessons.

Unlimited access to the recorded materials
 All 3-hour live sessions with Dr. Ainhoa de Federico will be recorded and accessible for future reference.
All classes are recorded, so you never miss a session!

Weekly guidance and support in WhatsApp
Exclusively for participants of the Active Healing program. Practice all week with your fellow participants, get 1:1 feedback, ask questions, connect with our community, share your success, make new connections and multiply your opportunities for healing.
A library of easy to follow, step-by-step guides 
Use these clear and simple guides to follow the step by step process in all the healing techniques you learn.
Guided Audio Exercises & Relaxations 
 Download and listen anytime, online and off.
Lifetime Access to ALL Materials 
 On our private, easy-to-use course platform 
Dedicated Student Support 
Get your questions answered personally by Ainhoa and our team.
15-Day Full Money Back Guarantee  
Course not right for you? No problem. No hassles. No questions asked. 


Course Overview

Learn simple and powerful energy tools and practices to activate and accelerate your body's natural healing

6 LIVE experiential teaching sessions via Zoom

All sessions are recorded if you can't attend live

Week One 
The Basics of Working with Energy

How to activate the energy
How to direct the energy inward and outward
How to self-harmonize with white light.
How to see the auras.
Understanding the relationship between consciousness, energy & the body

Week Two
The Dynamics of Healing

Understanding healing as a co-creation
Guide to white light healing
Application of healing and experiences of participants

Week Three
Your Body as a Map of Your Consciousness

The symptom translation technique
Your body as a map of your consciousness
The language of colors

Week Four
Rainbow Healing

The dynamics of co-creation
Rainbow healing to harmonize the 7 Chakras
Application of the healing and experiences of participants.

Week Five
Invisible Surgery

How to heal with your imagination
Application of invisible surgery and experiences of participants.

Week Six
Active Healing

The dynamics of healing others
Auras, pyramids & kundalini
 Integration of all elements of healing
Application of healing and experiences of participants

Sessions are held weekly on Tuesdays:

January 10 • January 17 • January 24 • January 31
February 7 • February 14

9 am Pacific • 11 am Central • 12:00 noon Eastern
 5:00 pm London • 6:00 pm Amsterdam

All classes are recorded if you are unable to join live

My Story 

I am Dr. Ainhoa de Federico, Research Professor at the University of Toulouse, where I teach Active Healing in the Masters Program in Health Education that I direct. Active Healing is the result of over 20 years of training, research and experience with energy tools to heal your body with energy while understanding the messages of your deeper self. I have personally used these tools for myself, my family & friends and thousands of clients and participants in over 50 countries in person and online.

But it wasn't always like that. 

In 1999, in the middle of my PhD research, I had a back-pain that made me be impaired for over a year. While I was not going to die from it, I spent most of my time in pain and in bed: my life was at a full stop. I looked for medical solutions in the Netherlands, France and Spain, where I was conducting my research, I tried about everything conventional & alternative medicine had to offer and nothing worked... until I considered that I had ended up doing to myself literally in my body what I had been doing to myself figuratively in my life: I had caused the symptom and I had the solution in myself.

With the guidance of books and experts I found my way to understand my body as a map of my consciousness and reversed the situation until reaching perfect health without any treatments. Passionated by this revelation I knew I had to share this knowledge with as many people as possible.

For years I travelled across Europe & Mexico to research, train in, organize, translate over 100 workshops in the most useful techniques I found to understand your body as a map of your consciousness and accelerate the healing process with a combination of energy healing tools and listening to your deeper self to help more people, just as I did with myself.

I first started supporting my friends and was soon helping clients, giving lectures and teaching in-person workshops in several countries. Later, I was invited by the University of Toulouse to teach Active Healing at the university level, and to develop this line of research into the Master of Health Education.

And now, I want to put all my knowledge, experience and wisdom at your service to help you too!